What Roofing Materials Are Most Commonly Used In 2019?

Various types of asphalt shingles are still the most common roofing materials used these days. Have you recently installed a new roof? Maybe you’re looking to do so in the near future, and you’re trying to figure out what the best roof for your house would be. One of the reasons asphalt shingles are the most popular is because they get the job done while looking great. Yet there are also other roofing materials that people are choosing in 2018 as well.

Best Roofing Materials for Homes 2019:

For example, metal roofing is also getting more and more popular. There are certain types of metal roofing that aren’t as expensive as you would think. It’s one of those roofing materials that is nice to have when it rains. It’s nice to have for many reasons, but the sound of rain on a metal roof is just really relaxing. A metal roof is also going to do quite well protecting your home. That’s why many people are looking into affordable metal roofing options in 2018.

When you start to look at other popular roofing materials, you’re going to run into tile roofing. Clay tiles are also very popular, yet they just aren’t used as often. Some of that is style preference, but most of it is price. One thing about a tile roof is it can last a lifetime. That should tell you how much more you’re going to pay for a clay tile roof. The same thing goes for slate tiles.

There are other types of roofing materials, too. They may be less popular, but they are still good options. Have you looked into the green roofs? There are also wood shingles, too. When you look at asphalt shingles, metal roofing and tile roofing, you’ve got to realize that there are quite a few more choices than you might think. As you look at them, you might want to talk to roofing company about price.

You will see different prices for the various types of each individual material selection. You can get quotes, and you can make a good decision about what would be best in your area. It’s not always easy to decide which roofing material is best based on the price, and so you want a contractor you can trust. If you have a good contractor, you’re going to be able to trust him or her to lead you to the right decision about the best roofing material choice.


Naturally, you’re going to have to make up your own mind. You will still have choices, and you do want to operate according to your budget. Most people still choose the asphalt shingles these days, but you have other options as you can see. Think about what you’re willing to pay for a new roof. Consider how long the materials last. Check out what other people in your neighborhood are doing. Whatever decision you make is up to you, as it is the roof that is going to protect your home for many years to come.